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Do you have what it takes?

Ok, seriously, it doesn’t take a lot- BUT it does take a few things:

  • You have read, understood and agree to the BiblioFight Rules.
  • You have a good attitude towards the whole concept, because you may not win- but then, you may.
  • You’re ready to do your part to promote your book in the Episode.
  • You must be the rights holder for the book being submitted.


You’re journey starts here.

Just fill out the form below. It’s entirely possible that we may like your book, but you may not be chosen right away. There are a bunch of reasons, but the most common would be that we are waiting for 3 similar books to match together for an episode.

Fill out the form ONCE per book title, do not lump multiple titles into the same form submission. You may fill out the form for each book that you would like to submit, so that we have them all on file.

You’ll receive a receipt email for each form submission, and we will contact you if we choose your book for an upcoming episode.

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