BiblioFight Q&A

We have compiled a Questions and Answers regarding BiblioFight for you to read. If you have a question not addressed here, please feel free to send it to

Q: What is BiblioFight?

A: Think of it as a book promotional service adorned with a hint of reality TV urgency and the mission of having a good time selling small press/indie author books to new readers.

Q: What is

A: During the Episode, when someone wants to buy a book and support you, they will do so through the book’s listing at All orders places and moneys collected go directly to the author/publisher in question. We know a book has sold for the purposes of the competition, but that’s it.

Q How much does it cost to participate?

A: Proxima Emporium LLC. (The owner of Both and charges no fees, commission or other costs to participate. Books do need to be chosen to participate in, however, it is not automatic.

Q: How do you make $?

A: Proxima Emporium LLC. Shows ads on both sites and there are some promotional options on that can help you get your book seen.

Q: Do you collect buyer information of the books?

A: No. We only know a book is sold, we do not know by whom. So, unless the buyer also signs up for a newsletter list or other proactive connection on their part, we don’t know any details on them.

Q: Why only 3 Books each month?

A: For now, that’s an easy number to manage, both in terms of logistics and messaging. If things go well, we may explore more formats.

Q: How do people buy the books?

A: The process of ordering a book is managed through our sister website, The author/publisher uses their own account to add the competing title to Orders are process by Paypal DIRECTLY to the author/Publisher, so there is NO commission on the order.

Q: If I Participate, do I know who buys my books?

A: Yes, they order direct from you, so you receive all the order information so you can send them their book.

Q: What do I pay?

A: You don’t pay us anything. All of the orders placed (and money from said orders) come directly to you.

Q: What if I don’t sell any books?

A: Well, there are some issues there, but there are no costs associated with being a participant.