BiblioFight Q&A

We have compiled a Questions and Answers regarding BiblioFight for you to read. If you have a question not addressed here, please feel free to send it to

Q: What is BiblioFight?
A: Think of it as a book promotional service adorned with a hint of reality TV urgency and the mission of having a good time selling small press/indie author books to new readers.

Q: Why only 3 Books each month?
A: For now, that’s an easy number to manage, both in terms of logistics and messaging. If things go well, we may explore more formats.

Q: Why do the Participants handle fulfillment?
A: Moving physical books costs money. If you have to move a book potentially twice, that’s costs that either have to be passed on to the buyer or the participant. Bringing that to one move (participant->reader) saves everyone money and logistical headache.

Q: If I Participate, do I know who buys my books?
A: Yes, we send you all relevant information for you to ship to, send a thank you email to, and invite them to interact with your more.

Q: What do I pay?
A: You don’t pay us anything. You do cover the costs of shipping books for the Episode. You then are reimbursed based on the flat rate shipping charged to the buyers.

Q: What if I don’t sell any books?
A: Well, there are some issues there, but there are no costs associated with being a participant.