Overview And The Rules

BiblioFight is a service wherein each month 3 books are chosen to “Compete” for sales that month. BiblioFight promotes the books and encourages authors to promote the competition. At the end of the month, the Author of the book that sells the fewest copies receives the regular commission rate, the middle selling author receives the bonus commission rate and the highest selling book receives the winning commission rate.

Things to Know Before You Start

  • Each month’s competition is called an “Episode”.
  • Each Year’s Episodes comprise a “Season” (Similar to episodic television).

Choosing the Books
Authors are asked to submit an online form of interest to Bibliofight, located here. The form provides information regarding the title, the author and the publisher (if necessary). If chosen to compete in an upcoming episode, the author will be contacted and asked to provide 3 copies of their book for the BiblioFight Podcast team and staff to read and review. Staff will look to match 3 books of similar genre and length for each episode.

If Chosen, the author will be sent a checklist of promotional items, some will be optional, some will be manditory, thet they will be asked to perform before and during their Episode.

Episode Duration (Order Period)
The Episode will begin at 12:01am on the first day of the month, and end at 11:59pm on the last day of the month. Once the episode concludes, the book will no longer be available for order through

Pricing of the Books During the Episode

All three books for each month’s fight will be priced at the same price. That price may vary from the Suggested Retail Price listed in the interest submission form. The Seller will be asked to acknowledge that change prior to the title being enrolled in the program. Staff will work to match 3 books with similar genres and pricing to minimize the pricing changes needed.


Ordering and Fulfillment

It will be the responsibility of the Seller to fulfill all orders placed during the month of the Fight. It is the expectation that Sellers will fulfill orders as they are placed during the month.

  • Orders will be communicated from BiblioFight to the author/seller participant each day of the Episode. Information provided will be Purchaser Name, Delivery Address, Email Address and Quantity.
  • It is the expectation of BiblioFight that orders will be shipped within 72 hours of receipt.


Based on the sales of the books during the Episode in question, BiblioFight pays out each author/press’ sales based on one of three commission rates:

  • The highest selling seller receives 60% of the retail price, and 100% of the shipping dollars collected.
  • The second best seller receives 50% of the retail price, and 100% of the shipping dollars collected.
  • The third best seller received 40% of the retail price and 100% of the shipping dollars collected.

Commissions ans shipping fees collected will be paid NO LATER than the 15th of the month following the Episode. Sales are based on Units Sold. As fulfillment is managed by the Author/Press participant, returns will also be the responsibility of the author/press participant. BiblioFight will not refund commission monies to any party.

A Flat Rate will be applied for shipping and handling for each order. One Hundred Percent of the shipping dollars collected will be sent to the Seller to reimburse them for shipping costs. As of January 1, 2020, the flat rate shipping will be:

  • 1 of the 3 books ordered: $4 shipping
  • 2 of the 3 books ordered: $8 shipping, split $4 to each of the 2 Authors
  • 3 of the 3 Books ordered: $10.50 shipping, split $3.50 to each of the 3 Authors
  • Multiple copies of multiple books: $8 shipping for the first 2 books, plus $2 additional for each book after. Shipping fees will be paid out based proportionally to the number of books each author has in the order versus the total number of books shipped.

Following the Episode
Following the Episode the title will be listed on the in the “Fights of Yore!” Category. The title will be removed from the store, and BiblioFight, Proxima Emporium LLC. and it’s subsidiaries and agents will no longer sell the title directly. Links to other purchase locations will be offered, allowing interested parties to purchase the book through other retailers (Amazon, barnes and Noble, etc.)

For additional Information, feel free to consult the Q&A here.